The home gardener is part scientist,
part artist, part philosopher, part ploughman.

– John R Whiting


Science behind your Garden is a new internet resource for home gardeners.
The information has been written with the home gardener in mind, providing an understanding of the fascinating science behind gardening.

It covers the all-important role of water, soil, nutrients and the microscopic bugs that live in soil. It provides information on some of the most frequently grown plants, taking an integrated approach that enables you to manage your garden in balance with the environment. The areas covered are:

  • soil
  • lawn & turf
  • fruit
  • ornamental plantings
  • vegetables....
Table of contents
This site is hosted by New Zealand Plant Producers Incoporated and utilises material originally developed by the former New Zealand Institute for Crop and Food Research Limited and the Horticulture and Food Research Institute of New Zealand and others.
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